Caribbean Flayvahz: An Island Dream in Memphis

By–Elbert Hubbard Jr.

Caribbean Flayvahz started when a local out of college couple got together for an idea. It was based on family roots in the Caribbean and in Memphis. Louis and Carla Falkner had their restaurant open since 2018, and they haven’t looked back since.

“It started with my wife, she had a dream opening a restaurant,” said Louis Faulkner.  Most of our recipes come from Kittitian style cooking. It represents the whole vision of Caribbean Flayvahz. “

Carla Faulkner family comes from Queens, New York and her heritage lies in St. Kitts. The island was formerly known as St. Christopher Island. Louis family comes from Orange Mound in Memphis. Their history lead to opening Caribbean Flayvahz a local restaurant serving the Hickory Hill area in Memphis.

Louis said owning Caribbean Flayvahz as a young black business owner is no different than other restaurants.

“It’s a lot of grinding and hard work,” he said. “It is a lot of hours in the day put in.  Me and my wife are working along with the cashiers and the chefs so that the city can come around and try Caribbean Flayvahz.”

Carla Faulkner said she is half Caribbean, with her family coming from St. Kitts. She said most of her recipes comes from across the West Indies.

“Some of our dishes include Kittitian dishes, we have Jamaican dishes, and we have Trinidadian dishes as well,” she said.   “We did not just one name, and that is why we came up with Caribbean Flayvahz. I wanted the word flavors to be different because we are different. We are relaxed, cool, vibe, energetic, and it is a fun place to eat.”

She also brought a popular dish to the table and talked about the sides that normally come with the plate. The plate included curried chicken, steam cabbage, plantain banana fritters, and coco bread which is like a giant sweet roll. Some of their dishes came with rice, cabbage, and the coco bread.

Carla Faulkner’s favorite dish is a Caribbean favorite and American south favorite as well.

“My favorite dish is oxtail and macaroni and cheese,” she said. “I also recommend my favorite with coco bread. Coco bread goes wonderfully with any of our patties. We have jerk, curry, beef and vegetable patties.”

Carla Faulkner wanted to let customers know that this restaurant is on the rise.

“I would say to our customer base come and savor the Caribbean flavor, come and relax,” she said. “We have great food, spices, and great music and a great atmosphere so you can come a be yourself.”

The restaurant gained positive reviews from customers in the Mid-South area according to recent Google Reviews.

Local television chef cooks up healthy and tasty options


One chef in Memphis is known for her healthy options and tasty entrees. She made several appearances on WREG-TV’s Live at 9 cooking segments. She also teaches lessons in southern cooking and vegan cooking. Elle Green is known for her southern cooking, vegan options, and her array of assorted drink cocktails.

Some of her dishes range from southern appetizers to classic grilled and fried entrée’s to vegan substitutes that have multiple positive reviews.

One of her recipes like the Shrimp Creole Rice Balls include Arborio rice, shrimp, Cajun spice, bell pepper, tomato paste and a host of spices.

Chef Elle has appeared on multiple shows and media outlets such as Shape, Self Magazine, eHow recipes, and NBC Today Show. She contributes to multiple cookbooks anonymously as well.

She has clients across the Memphis area. Her customer review average is 4.8 stars according to

This Week in Memphis Restaurants

By–Elbert Hubbard Jr.



Soul Fish Café plans to open two new restaurants in the Memphis area. The new locations are planned for Cordova, TN and Oxford, MS.

Soul Fish Café has four locations in the Mid-South including East Memphis, Germantown, Midtown Memphis, and Little Rock, AR. The restaurant is known for their catfish specials and their side items.  The popular item at the Soul Fish Café is their fried catfish and their cornbread. Other items on the menu include Chicken, Shrimp, and Crawfish. The locations will open this spring. The Cordova restaurant will open on HWY 64 and the Oxford restaurant will open at Lamar Square in a new strip mall.

Gigi’s Cupcakes in Memphis will close for good. The restaurant filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Gigi’s had two locations in Germantown and Cordova. The company and the original Gigi’s location is based in Nashville. On January 6, the Memphis area locations filed for bankruptcy causing the stores to close. The bakery was known for cupcakes with over the top icing and designs. The company was sold to an affiliate in Ft. Worth, TX with no intention on reopening the Memphis area stores even with the mixed reviews with customers.