A Young Woman’s Experience with Type 1 Diabetes

Erika Hubbard is a school teacher at KIPP Blytheville Collegiate Prep in Blytheville, AR.  She lives in Bartlett, Tennessee with her boyfriend Antwoine McClellan and thier daughter Autumn. Since her childhood, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

She goes to the doctor every three months to fill her supplies and for her checkup. When her daughter was born she was born premature because of her diabetes.

“While I was pregnant I felt like a science experiment,” Erika said “I was at the high risk doctor once a month. The next day after the baby shower, surprisingly, my daughter was born.”

Ellen Hubbard is a nurse at St Francis Bartlett. She is also Erika’s mother. Hubbard said Erika’s daughters premature birth is common for women with diabetes.

“Some of the risks for premature birth had something to do with her being an independent diabetic,” Hubbard said. “Other risks for the baby are growth problems, heart defects, and brain development problems.”

Erika still lives in Bartlett with her family and she hasn’t had too many problems with her blood sugar.


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