MABJ Black Male Media Project set for June 28

The Memphis Association of Black Journalsits will have their Black Male Media Project event in two weeks. This comes after the Trap Yoga event to raise money for the Bernal E. Smith Scholarship fund.

Montee Lopez the President of MABJ said the focus of the event is to raise awareness to the media as far as black male health, mindset, how they are portyaed in news, and promote HIV and AIDS Testing.


“The goal is to uplift young African American men who are portrayed poorly. Our target is the Frayser area of Memphis where the HIV and AIDS rate are high. We want to promote good health, and promote a better image for our young men.”

The event is scheduled for June 28th, at the Pursuit of God Church on Signal Street in Memphis.


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Middle College High School Alumni Plans Summer 2020 Reunion


It all started with posts on Facebook. Then it started to grow when the class of 2008 and 2009 planned their reunion for Middle College High School. The Middle College High School class of 2010 is planning a reunion set for summer 2020.

Trevor Nolan, the committee chair along with LaTrice Otis, Earnest Shinault, Theo Jones, and Dominique Chalmbers are coordinating this event.

Nolan said the reunion will feature several events including a networking and mingle, a class family field day, a class night out, church day, and a banquet dinner with scholarships awarded to future Middle College graduates.

One goal of this reunion according to Nolan is for the class to bond together. Plus the proceeds from this reunion will go to a scholarship fund for Middle College Students.

Nolan and the committee also have a few ideas in the works including a 3 on 3 basketball game and a local and national comic comedy show.

The class reunion currently is planned for summer 2020. No other details about the reunion have been revealed.