Father and Daughter Reunites at Book Club Meeting

Faria Walker was the guest speaker at Myron Mays Book Club this month. She talked about relationships with her father and how it motivated her to write the book.

As the host Myron Mays was interviewing her, he introduced a special guest to the book club. Walker’s father appeared at the book club. Walker and her father have not seen each other since her childhood and some of her adult life.  Walker and her father grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father came down from Cincinnati to support her. Walker discussed how people should still have a relationship with their parents despite hardships and drama.

Walker wanted to forgive and form a relationship with her father after 20 years. In her book, she talked about how the child should forgive and honor their parents whether right or wrong. She also wanted to write a children’s book about this. Her book is based on a bible verse in the New Testament.

As the book club discussion ended, her father talked about how hard it was for him to leave Walker. He wanted that relationship with her. After 20 years from childhood and adult they are finally reunited.

The book club closed the crowd asked questions about Walker’s relationship with her father. There were some questions about single parenthood with the mother. One crowd member asked about single parent fathers.

Walkers book Grass That Withers Will Grow  has been released. The price of the book is $13 on amazon.com.


Plenty of Sweat for MABJ during Trap Yoga Event

The Memphis Association of Black Journalists sponsored a workout event on May 12. It was called Trap Yoga. Gene Williams a yoga instructor in Memphis lead the class as the members and guests worked out to hip hop music.

The event served three purposes.

May is Mental Health awareness month where MABJ in its previous meeting discussed about the rigors of life in media and how it affects their health. The event was to promote good mental and physical health.

The second purpose of the event was to raise money for the MABJ Scholarship Fund. The fund was to honor Bernal E. Smith II. A well-known Memphis journalist who died in 2017 from natural causes.

The trap yoga event featured some exercises including poses, cardio, and core strengthening. The workout also incorporated flexibility and joint health. The workout took place at 525 N. Main Street at the Old Greyhound Station in Memphis.

Gene Williams originally named the workout Zen Yoga Flow. He named the workout Trap Yoga due to the intensity and the hip hop music. There was a warmup and an intermission. Then there was the intense workout and the cool down. More than 50 people attended the workout and MABJ raised more than $200 for the event.

Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Country Rock headlines Local Memphis Music Fest

Local Memphis Musicians Performs at Music Fest

The 2nd Annual Local Memphis Music Festival was held at Downtown Elementary on May 12, 2018. There were several local music acts including Personal Praise, AG Hustle and touring country rock musician Anna Benson.

Personal Praise kicked off the event with two of their gospel hits “The Call” and “Keep on Reaching”.  The group’s purpose behind the music is to uplift teens. Both Tez and Yana are still in high school.

“Im a junior and I attend Middle College High school (Yana), and I am a graduating senior at Central High School (Tez),” said both members of Personal Praise.

The group released their first national album but this wasn’t the first time they performed together.

“We have been singing together for almost seven to eight years. but since we are brother and sister we grew up our whole lives singing together,” said Yana from Personal Praise.

When Radio Memphis invited the group for an interview they were instantly booked for the show by the organizer of Radio Memphis.

AG Hustle performed a few songs about his struggle and how he continues to work for  him and his son.

“I been doing music since I was 16. My cousin involved me into it. It was never my work it was his work.”

He has worked on many mix tapes. However, he said his best music is a work in progress.

“The best song I worked on is on my album. It’s called ‘Diary of a Winner’. It’s basically telling my story or how I got started with music.”

Anna Benson is a local artist who toured across the south. She even recorded songs with a producer who knew the Minneapolis sensation Prince. She performed country rock songs at the festival.

The festival was held at Downtown Elementary where at least 2500 people where in attendance. The festival continued until 7:00 pm on May 12.